Our story

ようこそ! (Welcome!) We are are Allie and Adam, just a couple of nerdy designers who love anime and Japanese culture. Growing up, Sailor Moon, Dragonball and Pokemon were inspirations and, in some ways, direct connections to where we are personally and professionally today. For this reason, we‘re excited to provide fashion designs that proudly represent the culture and community that helped bring us together.

Hokori is rooted in its love for anime and Japanese culture. Wear that love proudly on the street. We know you’ll be カッコイイ!

Feel Good. Look Fresh. Express Yourself.


What Hokori means

Hokori, in Japanese, stands for pride. The exact same word is used for dust. Knowing we are mere dust in the wind but feeling a sense of pride and achievement in doing what we love. Expressing your part of the anime community trough fashion.

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