Nekodroids final moments • Behind the Design

// A short story of Nekodroids final moments //

Finally, you accept it: they can't hear you scream.

Cruising through space you've encountered an enemy. a Ratorian fleet, you've reached for your intercom to send a message, but there was no response.
They should have been able to, with your intercom active; should have picked up your warning about the Ratorians fleet, fifteen huge Rattatoits, well before they ever got this close to orbit. But the hostiles have been constantly jamming your frequency, regardless of the alternative methods you've tried.

Still battered and bruised from your last engaged with the Ratorians, your weapons are severely damaged and you don't have the firepower left to deal with this threat. Your realize that even with your nuclear powered model 02 battle-suit, you didn't stand a change, you had no hope; you had no hope of outsmarting them, or staging an ambush. Let alone of outrunning them, with your leaking full pipe and your limited boost. You can't reach planet Cats.

Not that they would have deemed you worthy of chasing, now that you are broken. You are weak. Nothing. Worthless.

All you can do is float trough space and watch.

The defense satellites register the intrusion at last, but are no match for the speed of the Ratorians strike. What remains of them scatters about like confetti; a tickertape welcome for the conquering hordes.

Only, it doesn't seem as though occupation is on their agenda.

Down below, on the surface, there are wave after wave of cataclysmic explosions.

Even though they look massive, you can't hear them, in space.
And though the intercom is still jammed, and there is no one to listen, you still keep on screaming. Indeed, as you witness your planet collapsing, it seems highly unlikely that you'll ever stop.


Behind the design

The Hokoriwear brand hoodie Nekodroid is a concept around mecha's and nekko's. Two commonly known concepts in anime culture. Transcend to space with Nekodroid. With Nekodroid I wanted to create a eccentric piece with lots details. During the process I started to create a lore around Nekodroid. So came the making of the short story to be. 

Nekodroid Space Cat Anime Inspired Streetwear Shirt

The name of Nekodroid and his number 18 is a small homage to Android 18, the most bad-ass android in the Dragonball Z Universe. The kanji on the right and on the frond side stands for "space travel". As he is a space traveler. 

And don't forget the small nyan cat in the bottom right corner. For he is the OG space traveling cat, he was not to be left behind.

Transcend to space with your sidekick Nekodroid by your side


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